Open-source JavaScript framework to declaratively build scrolling experiences

Is it any good?Hint: yes

Custom Guides Layout

Built from the ground up with scrolling in mind. You get parallax scrolling and pinning at zero extra costs. And it's easier to learn than flexbox or grid 😜. We might even turn this into a CSS standard ðŸĪ”.

Guide me the way


Parallax scrolling is just a side note. Add high performance image effects and more. Everything is orchestrated by Scrollmeister and a single render loop.

I can't even


Describe what you want using custom elements and attributes, it's just HTML! Easy to pick up. You get pretty far without writing any code.

I hereby declare death to spaghetti code

No build step

Just drop the JavaScript file in your page like it's 2012. The custom elements work back to IE 9, just in case you're actually trapped in 2012 (call me, maybe?).

People searched for

What's a <script> tag? and also How to uninstall webpack?

It's just HTML

Generate Scrollmeister pages using your favorite templating language. Or even PHP ÂŊ\_(ツ)_/ÂŊ

I'm a sucker for pug

It's just DOM

Stuff like appendChild, addEventListener and setAttribute just works.

OMG, I remember these from before jQuery ðŸ’Ą

Library agnostic

Render and manipulate Scrollmeister elements using (P)React, Vue, Svelte, jQuery or insert DOM framework that was released 7Ξs ago and is already trending on GitHub.

I prefer my DOM like my reality: virtual.

Full control if you need it

Scrollmeister comes with a beautiful and simple extension API. Create custom behaviors - in a few lines of JavaScript - that others can use declaratively.

Did someone say rotating gradients?

Progressive enhancement by default

You create semantic markup with all the content that you need and then enhance it using Scrollmeister behaviors. If Scrollmeister fails to load you still have a fully functional website.

I feel like we're making progress

So basically Scrollmeister has the easiest API ever
while still allowing the most cutting-edge scrolly thingies ever, ever, ever,

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Then check out the demos, get started, learn and docs.